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                    Sales hotline: +86-13832332178

                    welcome to our company

                    Shijiazhuang Hanpiao Metal Work Co., Ltd. Company is situated at Jinzhou Country.Hebei province.the hometown of Weizheng(the famous prime minister in feudal China inTang dynasty).It is a specialized enterprise to manufacture the construction forms and concrete accessories.Our company,with atotal capital of 58 millions,covers an area of 33,000 sqm and starts the business in 1988.It ihad the staff of 100 people,of whom 28 people are middle of high engineers.

                    news center

                    hanpiao metal

                          Hanpiao Metal

                          copyright © 2017 Shijiazhuang Hanpiao Metal Work Co., Ltd. 冀icp备05011025号-1   power by:300.cn

                          TEL:86-311-84396931 / 84396932 / 67303325      Fax: 86-311-84396850 / 84396843 / 84396850 / 84396843
                          Add:No.68,Tongda Road,Anjiazhuang Industrial Park Of Jinzhou City,Hebei,China

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